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The Fade Series

Series of romantic suspense novels with cozy elements set in a post-apocalyptic world. Written as standalones but with an overarching plot between them.

Coming Summer 2023

Coming winter 2023

Coming Spring 2024

coming winter 2024

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Secrets of stars and sand

Standalone, adult, romantic fantasy novel about a marriage of convenience between a princess, framed for murdering her parents and fiance, and the king of a neighboring kingdom. In development. To be first published on Vella and then on KU.

4621 Foxhollow Street

Standalone, cozy portal fantasy about a woman who goes on a coming-of-age adventure in her mid 30's. As she's struggling to grapple with her husband's blindsiding request for a divorce, she replies to a 'Help Wanted' poster and is sucked into a fantasy world.

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A pre-teen girl learns that her little brother is being targeted by a soul-sucking demon and must stop it before it kills him like it did to the younger sister only she remembers.


500 word flash fiction about a mother who accepts the dark spirit the village is trying to sacrifice her son to and gains the power to stop the village from sacrificing more children.

A retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin fairytale, Prison of Gold and Straw is a story of strength, the power of softness, and learning that one’s reality isn’t always truth.

A short story that introduces the world of Usaria with plans to expand into a prequel novella for a fantasy duology. Short story releases March 2023.

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