.:. Metallic Heart: book 1 of The fade series .:.


Eloise always keeps seven knives on her body, one for each year since her younger sister's violent death. As the only person in the world with nanites in her blood, her mission is to save the life of her sister’s best friend, a teen boy suffering from a fatal brain disease. Until she can’t. Until the man from her past returns, just as broken as she is. 

Dragging Eloise away from death – twice – isn’t how Bannack saw his life going. He only wanted what was owed to him for his eight-year service as the villain’s High Commander. Instead, to live a life of peace, Bannack must protect Eloise. She wants nothing to do with him. That’s fine. But when feelings for her grow, he wonders if the love he worked so hard to forget, could be what heals his frozen heart. 

Hunted by a powerful woman who connects them both, Eloise and Bannack must make the bravest decision they've ever made. 

They must live. 

Metallic Heart is what happens when you take contemporary romance, give it a knife, and blow up the world. 

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.:. notes for the reader .:.

Metallic Heart is a cozy, post-apocalyptic romance intended for readers 18+. Below is a list of tropes and content warnings within the book.

Please note: This is the first in a 4-novel series (3 full-length novels and one novella). Each story follows a different set of POV characters and while the books are written as standalones, there is an overarching plot. As such, it is suggested they be read in release order, but readers won't miss out on the story if they read out of order.

Childhood Friends to Lovers; Knife to throat; Hurt him and you die; Golden Retriever boi; Only one bed; Who hurt you?

Content Warnings
Depictions of PTSD episodes and anxiety; Violence; Swearing; Sexually explicit content; Manipulation of a teen; Off-page child death; Implied dead body of a child; 


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